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Cyber Nepal Post of the Day

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Hello, CNers! With the new updates and events ongoing, we hope you all are excited for the things to come. A lot of you are clamoring for the contests and giveaways, which is great to see! Still, we repeat time and again, that our focus is on developing a community, a platform for tech enthusiasts, creators, writers, gamers and similar folk.

Our forum is central for this mission, and while the frequency of posts is increasing, we believe the quality of threads can reach greater heights. Right now, everyone is incentivized to post and reply (owing to CN$), but those of you sharing top-notch content and ideas are still under-appreciated.

That's why, the admin team of Cyber Nepal have agreed that we will announce the best post of the day, and award the CNer who posted that content with 1000 CN$.

# What are the requirements to win the Post of the Day?

First of all, it needs to be a thread in one of our core forums (ie not in announcements/events/off-topic). 

The topic needs to be somewhat contentious, in order to promote healthy debate and discussion (so an generic RTX 3000 series appreciation thread is not that useful). It needs to be trending and relevant to the current times (so don't discuss PC vs Mac out of nowhere, unless something is released). It needs to be helpful to anyone who stumbles upon it (guides and tier lists can be great in this regard). It obviously needs to be well-written and follow all of our content guidelines. If you haven't read the guidelines yet, now is your time to do so.

We believe that great content will find good engagement as well, but there are no other strict requirements. The admin team will use their judgment and award excellent posts.

# What type of posts are we looking for?

The criteria we'll evaluate is the quality of the thread, the engagement it garners, how unique the topic and its ideas/content are, how well-written, informative and useful it is. In short, any post that you yourself would like reading is likely to fall under our consideration.

Rather than the length or the number of specs and images in your post, the overall impact and engagement it has matters much, much more. Don't just regurgitate facts from another source, people know how to Google. But if you write something everyone seems to have overlooked, have special insights or leaks, or in general can help guide newbies in any way - such types of threads will be favored.

This is a bonus for those who deliver quality and engaging content to the community. As such, this is not a daily giveaway, we can decide not to award it if we don't find any excellent posts that day. We think the community is better served with fewer posts of greater quality than the opposite.

So, go out there and contribute to the community, helping your fellow CNers while getting rewarded for it as well. Have fun!

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