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CN Comic Moment(Completed)

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Time for some creativity and fun!! 
Cyber Nepal brings you another exciting weekly contest that is going to ramp up your creativity! Also a sweet 1k bonus in CN$!
Event - CN Comic Moment



Once again, you are rewarded even for participating in this contest, with 100+50 CN$. 

This contest ends on Sep 14, 2020. 


How do I become eligible? 

To be qualified for the bonus CN$, you need to check a few simple boxes. If you are a fan of CyberNepal, you probably fulfill most of them!  

1. You must be a CNer. What does this mean? You must make an account on our forums/website cybernepal.com and have a verified email address. 


How do I participate? 

Participation is quite simple. Post a 3-4 picture comic relevant to the theme 'Cyber Nepal' down on this thread. It's that easy. Obviously, your comic has to be original (hope y'all know about Google Reverse Image Search). 

You might want to share your comic on social media, to garner more upvotes while tagging Cyber Nepal's handle on that social media so that other CNers can take a look at it. Use the hashtag #CNcomic as well. This can increase the reach of your post massively.

The Comic should be anything related to the Cyber Nepal forums, Discord, our community, our events, etc. It's supposed to poke fun at what you think of us, and your place in the community.  



How do I win the contest? 

The best, funniest, most poignant comic is the ideal winner.

As a preliminary filter, the admins will only take a look at the most upvoted comics on the thread. Invite fellow enthusiasts and friends in, to boost up your comic (we know you'll do it). Once the top comics have been filtered, the admin team will gather and weigh in on which they think the best comics are.

Hey, even if you don't win, it's still worthwhile to have participated, in the name of creativity and sweet, sweet CN$.


What do I get from the contest? 

If you win, you get 1000/500/250 CN$ as first/second/third prizes. Even for participation, though, you'll get 100 CN$ when you fulfill all of the criteria. Please double check the eligibility section to make sure you qualify. We've seen many giveaway winners who luck out by not reading everything carefully.


If you share your comic on your Facebook profile and tag Cyber Nepal, you are eligible for a bonus 50 CN$. For this, you need to tag us, and attach the link of your social media post with your submission. 


Read up on our CN$ guide to understand what the point system is, and what rewards you can get from it. Lots of goodies are arriving at the CN store soon, so be on the lookout!


All the best! 
comic moment copy.jpg

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Heres mine originally drawn using Sketchbook and Mspaint! 

(forgive my  lack of skils! )


For inconvenience in reading!

1st block: someone is in trouble

2nd block: HERO! CN End our starvation of tech and stuffs, Give us your almighty hand!

3rd block: smth like kamehameehaaaaaaa

4th block: I shall return to rid the world of the tech starvation!


Edited by santoryu
I saw that the pics wasn't rendered properly and pixallated so i added the line written there :) !
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27 minutes ago, BDFNO_PS said:

Do we have to draw the comic (by hand / by pc) or can we use the pages from the internet?

We prefer originality but if your are creative enough to make your work easier and worthy then you can try alternatives

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Congratulations Winners 1) @santoryu .
                              2)  @Linjan018

                               3) @prabesh_khadka
... All the rewards have been awarded to the participants and the winners If anyone missed it then kindly message me.


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