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Xbox Series S: A console worth only $299 is capable of 1440p/120fps

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Microsoft acknowledged the leaks and officially revealed their mini Series X called Series S. Series X was meme'd as a fridge and this too has earned the title of "Speaker" from the netizens as it is 60% smaller than its big brother.



Series S was leaked multiple times before but we didn't have any confirmation regarding its existence or the price until today. The console itself did not surprise anyone but the bombshell here is the price which is the cheapest console ever for this modern era of gaming. Many thought that a console only worth $299 will perform way inferior than its other next gen counterparts but the leaked trailer says otherwise.

The highlights are:

  • 1440p upto 120 fps
  • Ray Tracing enabled
  • Variable Refresh Rate 
  • 512GB SSD (Customizable)
  • 4K Upscale
  • Digital Only

Xbox really is stepping up this generation and is trying hard to make their brand relevant all over the world. They are a big-seller in America and some European countries but its market is near to null in other areas. With this price, people who don't want to cash out huge money for next gen device will BE tempted for sure. Who knows maybe we'll start to see some Xbox gamers here in our country too? 

Also, in another leak both the Series S and Series X are supposedly releasing on November 10th.  

The price of Series S has also brought forth insane speculations of Series X being priced at $499 only compared to the rumoured $550 of PS5(non-digital) .

Let's enjoy the console war of Sony vs Microsoft to the fullest. 😂 Exciting times for a gamer !! 

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herau aba ps5 digital ra yo ma kati price difference hudo raicha. 15k jati difference ho bhane ta ps4 digital nai lina ramro ho. series s ma storage lastai kam bhayo. digital matra cha ka feri feri download garirane game khelna. Vianet le fup badi bho bhanera net nai katdincha haha. 

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3 hours ago, theStealthySpy said:

They should bring great exclusives cause the competition is tough with PlayStation. 

Well here ya go..     Thread on the exclusives.

There are lots more but these are the ones to watch out for. And yea combined with Gampass, Xbox is looking strong .

3 hours ago, binod poudel said:

nepal ma xbox kinna pauxa ki bahir batai magaunu parne ho?

You can buy it from the dealers from Bishal bazaar or New Road once they are available. 

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