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On 9/8/2020 at 9:39 PM, Deranged Knight said:

But process ta automated nai hoina ra? Hamile solve gar vaneni, solve garne ta program afai nai ho. Or maybe I'm getting it wrong.

Not really. Computer le aafai solve garne hoina. The whole point of having a captch is to stop botting/ddos/bruteforce like computer attacks. Computer wah AI cannot or at least shouldn't be able to solve it. 

Captcha suru human le correct kun ho vhanera save garya huncha. N when we enter it the computer just match our input with the previously saved one. 

Moreover tyo word lekhne wala captcha type garne paid job nai huncha. 

So ya AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning or any bot shouldn't be able to solve captcha or the whole point of there existence is destroyed.

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