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XCLOUD LAUNCHING TOMORROW? Play your favourite games anywhere!

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Microsoft is launching their premium cloud gaming service tomorrow. According to them, the launch will be released in 22 different countries including Europe, North America, South Korea. Sources claim that over 170 games will be available in day one of the launch. Some of those games include popular titles like Minecraft, Gears 5, Halo, Forza Horizon.


They earlier teased the release on their twitter about their Xcloud gaming sevice.

 Microsoft said in their official announcement, “Play great Xbox games in more places than before. Play 100+ games on your mobile device whether you’re at a café, at home while your TV is in use, or anywhere else with a high-speed internet connection.”

The Ultimate game pass subscribers will get their hands on the service immediately. But if you don't have one the game pass will come at 15$ a month. You will also be able able to continue your unfinished game anywhere you are since it is a cloud streaming service. 

MIcrosoft also said that it will have cross platform support and will be able to play multiplayer with PC and XBOX players as long as the game supports it. But if you own a apple device, you will sadly not be able to stream the service. As of now, it's only available for android users and microsoft nor apple have given any statement to when or even if the service will be available on apple devices.


What do you think about the new cloud gaming hype companies are moving towards?

What do you think is better XCLOUD OR NVIDIA GEFORCE NOW?

Will cloud gaming be the new gaming thing in the future?

Let  me know in the comments down below.

A like would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

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