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Watch Dogs Legion PC Requirement Sheet hints at the future of gaming

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This might seem like a small news but it actually is highly informative regarding the things we can expect from the next generation of gaming. Watch Dogs Legion is a cross-generation game which will be available on  Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5. Ubisoft has said that Legion will take full advantage of next generation hardware such that the next gen versions will be miles better than the current generation. This also probably means that the PC version will be equivalent to that of next generation of consoles. Here is the requirement sheet posted by Official Watch Dogs Legion twitter account.




Let's dive a bit deeper into this sheet. 

The 1080p low preset seems average enough and Legion will probably run smoothly in moderate hardwares.

The 1080 High preset is where things start to get spicy. The minimum requirement to run Legion on high at 1080p is GTX 1060 with at least i7- 4790 or Ryzen 5 2600.  1060 is not a bad card by any means but it could run games on ultra/high preset with fps ranging from 35-60.  Also the CPU requirement is a surprise as well.

4K on ultra preset was doable with 1080Ti but for legion even without Ray-tracing, 2080Ti is a must for smooth performance on this resolution.

This chart shows how much demanding even a cross-gen game can be. We might be entering into an age where people will start calling out 1080Ti for its average performance.

In the meantime, enjoy the ray-traced London.


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