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Announcing Cyber Nepal CS:GO Game Servers

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Online gamers, rejoice! Cyber Nepal is now bringing custom servers for many different games hosted right here, in Nepal!

Yes, that means getting to low double digit or even single digit ping is finally a dream come true for many of you. We'll cover all kinds of games, from competitive sports titles to engrossing MMOs and casual fun games to nail-biting ones.

Playing on public servers sucks. You'll have high ping, random teammates and most of all, no one speaks your language. This is going to change for Nepali gamers. There used to be a few local servers here and there, but none will match the sheer scope and size of our custom servers.

So, yes, get excited! And start making friends here, because you're going to be playing with them soon enough.

We're started with  CSGO, right now with basic gamemodes (competitive, retake and practice). Hey, but soon, we'll be adding more games like GTA V RP, Minecraft, etc..
You can find our CSGO servers through the  gamelobby or connect using the following IP address,

Retake Server IP’s

Retake Server 1:
Retake Server 2:
Retake Server 3:

-> PUG Server IP

-> 1 v 1 Multimap Server IP

Right now, the 1 v 1 and Retake servers are free to play on. For the practice server or PUG server or skins there might be some terms in the future.

Please note: right now we are experimenting with server configurations and scripts to deliver the best experience to most gamers. This means, that you can effectively consider our servers in beta phase. Please don't come complaining to us if your game suddenly interrupts because of updates and changes to the server, and don't plan for serious matches just yet. You have been warned.

So, ready up and let's start playing!

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On 9/16/2020 at 5:40 PM, KARKI said:

can someone help me to how to put those numbers???

yes press ~ this key just down the esc key and type ' connect ipaddress'

On 9/21/2020 at 12:11 AM, abhinnaregmi1 said:

Just joined Cyber Nepal and it's already looking promising with great initiatives. 

though the same bro but still need more audience

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These servers are still under development so don't complain much I hope the servers will be on final stage soon. Now they are in beta stage so there may be issues.

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18 hours ago, cHILLPill said:

bro just a comment before yours there is the reason. LOL

Vanna tw paryo ni bro 😄 ,khelna na payara chatphat vaisakyo.


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