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Suggestion: Gaming Keyboard Redragon

We all know there are various industries and companies who makes all types of gaming products like from mouse to headset to keyboard to components for gaming computer. And as for that i was in need of mouse and keyboard coz my old ones life is coming to an end. So i thought to browse through internet to check for these items.  Didnt typed the brand name coz i know i wont be able to purchase high end products so just went with casual topic GAMING KEYBOARD and the thing is google gave me marketplace DARAZ.COM where list of keyboards were given. So at first i thought of buying FANTECH coz i  am using its gear headset HG 14 which i liked alot but as i scrolled down i saw  new  brand which i wasnt familiar with REDRAGON so i searched the net for further information about this brand.

Found out its a Eastern Times Technology Co. Ltd which was estd in 1996 and is among top 5 factory for mouse and keyboard in China. Their products goes all over North America, South of Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle East for over 30 countries. This is all i got from their web and i got confused whether to buy its product or not.

Found page of Redragon Nepal in FB but wasnt that popular as other page so i am in confusion whether to buy its product or not  and will it last long like other brand. Being new to it, it is hard to trust but the way they describe their products it looks promising makes you almost feel like to buy it. Though it has similar types of gaming keyboards with mechanical engine , rgb function and multi tasking capacity.  They have from 2k to 10k pricing keyboards in daraz.

If you guys have any information regarding this brand and products then let me know 🙂 😄

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If you don't want full size keyboard buy tenkey less mechanical keyboard. It will cost around 4.5k. I have been using fantech mk871 keyboard and it is very good. form what i understand both reddragon and fantech use same otemu switch which is high copy version of cherry mx switch and offer very good performance. i would suggest buying whichever is cheaper.

also  check this out



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