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Choosing Microphone According To Your Need- A Guide

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Hey There,. Are you a singer, streamer, cover artist, Voice Over artist or run a podcast, then you might want to have a good knowledge about microphone and which one suits your need. You might be using one and trying to upgrade but feeling confused. No worry I've listed you some of the microphones with the parameters you need to check and guide you to buy microphone according to your need. You need to keep these 5 things under consideration.


1.       Price: Price is the foremost parameter to be considered when it comes to choosing a microphone. There are huge range of mics ranging from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 10 lakh so we should look towards the size of our pocket before we choose preferable microphone for our usage. There’s wrong belief that cheap microphones are worst and only mics priced at high end are considered to deliver optimum quality.  Microphones like Fifine Metal Condensor microphone comes under $45 or Rs 5000 which is reasonably priced without trading off on the quality. While Brauner VM1S will cost you around $10,799.00 or 11 Lakhs but will give you professional studio quality performance. The choice depends upon the size of your pocket. 


2.      Plug and Play: Plug and Play feature means that you connect any new hardware and can run the hardware instantly without requiring to download other drivers. This feature determines the usability of microphone according to users. Also generally bigger microphone require a phantom power supply of 48v alongside to power up the microphone. But due to demand in desktop microphones, now extra power supply has been replaced on new USB microphones which are powered by the 5V USB supply.


3.      Omnidirectional vs. Cardioid (Condenser vs. Dynamic: It’s important to understand the difference between omnidirectional and cardioid microphone which will clear your needs according to the feature. Omnidirectional mic captures sound from all around while cardioid captures sound coming from only one direction. You can understand better with below graph.


If you’re recording in a noisy environment it’s always a good option to choose cardioid over omnidirectional as omnidirectional will record all the noises coming around from the room. But if you have good insulated room omnidirectional microphone can be a help to make your vocal chords sound better while recording. Condenser mics are omnidirectional while Dynamic mics are cardioid.


4.   Usage and Need: First it’s necessary to determine for what purpose you’re going to use the microphone. Is it for Voice Overs or Song Covers? Are you going to use it for streaming purpose or just for normal conversation over Skype? Are you a professional musician or a newbie who like to create cover songs? After you have sorted out your usage criteria and needs you can now choose the microphone according to you need. A professional singer would not suffice the cheap microphone and for conversation over Skype high end microphones would be overkill. You can find my picks for good mics at end of the article.


5.      Quality: Most of the times it’s true that quality is directly proportional to the price for microphone. The quality is however dependent upon the build of the mic. If you want quality you must sacrifice upon price a little bit.


Now keeping all the above parameters in check I shall recommend you some of my picks for microphones.

-         Best Budget Microphone

o   Fifine Metal Condenser USB Microphone ($45 or Rs. 5200)


-         Best for Singers

o   Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone ($220 or Rs 25000)


-         Best Performance

o   HyperX QuadCast - USB Condenser Gaming Microphone ($169 or Rs 19000)


-         Best Overall

o   Blue Yeti USB Mic ($167 or Rs 19000)


-         Best for Home Recording and Production

o   Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio ($279 or Rs 32,000)



Bonus: You can go to this website and hear the samples of all the microphones in your laptop and decide the quality yourself.


Also keep earning the $CN to win yourself this Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic(CN Shop Item) microphone which can be a great choice for streamers and casual Skype or Zoom conversations. Good Luck.

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