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how to download pubg pc lite in laptop. please send link. if you know .
Xya aba tw yo website chaluna Pani alxi lagi sakyo testing koi Pani on hudaina😑😑😶
Yo website kasari use garne can anyone teach me...ani how to participate in giveways?
Aailea samma cn bata prize na pako ma eklai ho.. Cn$ kharcha matra hunxa pardaina
With Activision announcing Modern Warfare, which is the most fan favorite COD series in the franchise, I don't like how Cyber Nepal is flooded with COD Mobile stuffs. These mobile gamers will never understand the legacy COD carries. For them its just a "new" mobile game.

To mobile gamers: I respect your choice of platform but stop fucking ruining the game for upcoming gamers like you did with PUBG.
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